Dermamelan, a revolutionary skincare solution, addresses hyperpigmentation with precision and efficacy. Formulated with potent ingredients like kojic acid and arbutin, Dermamelan inhibits melanin production, reducing dark spots and promoting a more uniform complexion. This professional-grade treatment is known for its remarkable results in tackling melasma and other pigmentation concerns. Users praise Dermamelan for its transformative impact, achieving a radiant and even skin tone. Elevate your skincare routine with Dermamelan—a trusted choice for those seeking visible and lasting improvements in pigmentation.



By preventing the synthesis of melanin, Dermamelan lessens the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Even Skin Tone

By addressing discolouration and dark spots, it encourages a more consistent complexion.

Treatment for Melasma

Especially useful for treating this common pigmentation condition.

Sun Damage Correction

Assists in reducing sun-induced sunspots and hyperpigmentation. Dark areas that remain after skin inflammation or injury are treated by post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).


Increases the general brightness and radiance of the skin.


Helps the skin appear more vibrant and renewed.
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