It is a natural protein that relaxes the overactive muscles that cause frown lines, laugh lines, creases Crow’s feet and wrinkles. Very low doses of Botox are injected directly in to the overactive muscles. Thus resulting in to relaxation of the muscles. Immediate effect is seen a week after the first sitting. The effect lasts for 6-8 months on an average.


    It is a hyaluronic acid filled injection given for the deep laugh lines, creases around mouth, for thin lips and hollow cheeks.

    It gives immediate results and lasts for 2 years on an average.

    The results are- diminishing of skin folds creases and laughs lines.

    Lips look fuller and shapely.

    For hollow cheeks it gives a fuller appearance. It is also called as a liquid face lift.

    There are no side effects to fillers other than with normal injections.


    It is a one stop treatment for pigmentation.

    The patient has to come for the first treatment on a scheduled date.

    The patient will be treated and made to sit here for 2-3 hours depending on the treatment schedule.

    Then the patient is asked to go back home and follow the instructions as told to the patient.

    The patient will see results only after 15 days.

    It is a very good treatment for skin lightening and also for skin rejuvenation .

    A patient with mature and dull skin is an ideal candidate.


    There are various peels done for the skin- Glycolic peels, salicylic peels, TCA peels, pigmentation peel & yellow peel.

    1. Who can do peels?
    Ans. Anybody with specific problems of pimples, scars, pigmentation, ageing, and sensitive skin can do peels.

    2. Can I go out in sun after peels?
    Ans. Yes, but you have to use good sun protection.

    3. How many peels does one require?
    Ans. On an average 4-5 peels are required per person at an interval of 10-15 days.

    4. Does peel have any side effects?
    Ans. No, if done properly there are no side effects.

    GLYCOLIC Peels- These are the peels that are derived from the fruit extract and they are very beneficial in exfoliating the superficial dead layer of the skin. They also help in making the skin fresh and glow. The time interval between doing these peels is decided by your skin care expert after examining your skin.

    TCA peels- These peels are mainly used for pigmentation which quite deep in nature and they are used for those kind of patients who are unresponsive to glycolic peels or so. They are available in varying concentrations and the right concentration for you will be decided by your skin care expert. These peels do not bleach the skin like the other phenol peels and therefore they can be very well used in treating those kind of pigmentation which are quite demarcated in their nature.

    Phenol peels- Now a day’s skin care experts have also started using these peels for treating various cosmetic problems. Let it be pigmentation or fine lines and wrinkles these peels are very useful in treating all these problems. There are few precautions that one has to take before using these peels. It is a known fact that they bleach the skin and that is why one should not use these peels if only a part of the skin has to be treated. Also these peels cannot be applied on the neck or any other areas except the face.

    Lactic acid peels- The advantage of using these kinds of peels is that it is actually meant for very sensitive skin type. So no matter whatever your skin type is you can very comfortably use this peel without worrying for any kind of side-effects.

    Salicylic acid peels- These peels are very well known to help in treating acne especially the active ones. They may be required to be done on a weekly basis to get the best results.


    It is a treatment done for pigmentation on skin or scars on skin.

    The patient has to go home with the peel on the treated area.

    One has to wash face next morning with plain water and apply the recommended moisturizer and sunscreen.

    The skin will start peeling after 2 days and will become completely normal in a weeks time.

    This treatment gives best results in scars and dull pigmented skin.

    It can be done on any area of body.

    It can be combined with other treatments for stretch mark treatment.


    MICRODERMABRASION is one of the best known Procedure in the field of medical cosmetology.
    MicroDermabrasion is a procedure which uses a small probe which throws out aluminum oxide powder and through other hole in the probe there is a suction which removes dust Particles and dead skin. These particles help in abrading the superficial dead cell layer of the skin.
    This is an ideal procedure for those patients who have the problem of facial scars which are due to acne. It is also useful in treating the fine lines and wrinkles which are the signs of aging. It is also very useful in treating the pigmented skin and the treated area then blends with the normal skin.
    When one goes for such treatments then the person is suppose to take proper precautions from the sun. The protection from the sun can be taken best by using a sunscreen on a regular basis. It is also better to avoid sun exposure from 10am to 4pm. You also need to make sure that you apply sunscreen at least half an hour before you get exposed to sun.


    Photorejuvenation is an exciting new procedure designed to produce younger , healthier looking skin. I t is used for removing fine lines and wrinkles. It utilizes laser light energy to stimulate collagen remodeling.
    Absorbed light energy activates new collagen formation, shrinks sebaceous glands to help smooth the skin surface.
    Skin rejuvenation reverses the aging process on the neck, upper chest and face. It is performed on all skin types and colors.
    Each treatment lasts for 45 minutes for the face with no healing down time.
    5-6 treatments are recommended for optimal results. Regular touch up treatments to sustain the continued growth of new collagen is recommended.
    Interval between 2 treatments is 20-30 days.


    This is a combination treatment of microdermabrasion and scar treatment peel for stretch mark treatment.
    The patient will require 3-4 sittings depending on the area and the damage to the area.
    There is a gradual fading of scars and lightening of stretch marks.
    It can be done on any area. After the skin consultation the doctor will guide u as to how the treatment would be done.


    This procedure is done under topical anesthesia.
    Patient has to wait atleast for 30 minutes for anesthesia.
    Electro cautery is used for the treatment.
    The procedure is painless and safe.
    The treated lesions heal in 5-6 days and the skin becomes normal in a weeks time.
    Only sun protection is necessary post treatment.