Why Face and Skin Clinic for hair loss

Indian markets are filled with places that treat hair loss / baldness. Most of these places are run by beauticians, homeopaths or non-qualified people.

Skin specialist is the true trichologists who study hair related problem.

Face and skin clinic is run by an experienced & Qualified dermatologists Dr. Meghna Mour who has extensive knowledge & has done research on stem cell treatments for hair.

Hair is an important asset of our body. Everybody loves their crowning glory and always want it to remain that way.

Due to stress, lifestyle, environmental effects, fast paced life, various chemical treatments & hereditary, lot of men, women & young children are losing hair at an alarming rate Under standing hair loss & Alopecia /Baldness

It’s very normal to lose around 50-100 hair/day.

If it is increased, it is counted as abnormal hair fall.

When the hair loss is so severe that bald patches are seen it is called as Alopecia.

Various treatments at our Clinic

After thorough assessment of your hair & detailed analysis & consultation with the hair specialist a suitable treatment is suggested to you.

  • Stem cell treatment & P.R.P.

    Here the stem cells / cells which are capable of growing normal natural hair are used on the scalp with the help of a derma roller. It is a very safe & effective treatments are recommended depending on the area of baldness.

  • Hair growth Laser

    It’s an us FDA Approved treatment where a low intensity laser light is used on scalp 2 times per week for 5-6 wks. It gives guaranteed results in hair fall and can be gives to any patient with hair fall.

  • Hair revitalizing treatment

    It’s a combination treatment which gives hair growth, shine & bounce in your hair

  • Follicular unit transplant (FUE)

    A traditional hair loss treatment through strip extractions or hair plugs is often traumatic. The lengthy and painful surgeries are prone to leaving scars and often fail to deliver the density needed for that natural look.

    Our technique is a no cut technique. A fast, simple & reactively painless procedure.